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Learn Gujarati Online

Swadeshi Roots offers a comprehensive platform for learning Gujarati language and culture, with interactive online classes, books, videos and blogs catering to all ages. Personalized or group coaching options are available for optimal learning experience. Begin your journey with us today!

Live Gujarati Online Classes with veteran native speaker teachers!

Learn Gujarati with us through live online group or private sessions customized for you. Our native Gujarati speakers with 15+ years of experience aim to partner with you and meet you at your level. Enroll now to experience the richness of Gujarati culture and language or reach out to us for more information.

Our fun and educational videos are specifically designed to teach kids Gujarati in an engaging way. Our videos cover a range of topics such as phonics for Gujarati alphabets (Kakko), consonants, vowels (Barakhadi), numbers, and even Gujarati farm and jungle animals. Whether you're a native speaker or just starting to learn the language, our videos are an excellent resource to improve your communication skills and comprehension. We're continuously adding more videos that delve into various aspects of Gujarati culture, stories, and language. Don't forget to check out our YouTube channel and subscribe to stay updated!

Our Learn Gujarati YouTube videos

We offer diverse Gujarati books for self-learning with carefully chosen levels for children and adults. Our collection includes Alphabets, Numbers, Colors, Shapes, Vehicles, Animals, Fruits, Vegetables, and basic words, ensuring something for everyone. Discover the treasures of Gujarati vocabulary building by exploring our carefully curated selection.

Our Learn Gujarati Books

Our Blogs to help learn Gujarati

Swadeshi Roots helps introduce Gujarati Languages, Culture and heritage to kids through our online classes, books and free YouTube videos. Our blogs also provide content and resources to help learn Gujarati language and culture. We have blogs on topics such as how to learn Gujarati, Gujarati phrases and words for everyday life, must know Gujarati phrases for travelling to Gujarat, Beginner's guide to Gujarati language and many more. We will continue to add blogs, articles and free learning tools to help kids and parents learn Gujarati in easy and effective ways! 

The blog provides six tips and strategies for learning Gujarati quickly and effectively. Firstly, it's important to start with the basics, including the Gujarati script, alphabet, basic phrases, and numbers. Secondly, practice speaking and listening with a language partner, podcasts, movies, and TV shows. Thirdly, focus on vocabulary by learning the most common words and phrases through flashcards and vocabulary lists. Fourthly, study the complex grammar system of Gujarati by practicing verb conjugation, noun declension, and sentence structure. Fifthly, use technology tools and language learning resources such as language learning apps, YouTube channels, and language textbooks. Finally, immerse yourself in the language by attending cultural events, listening to music, watching movies, and practicing speaking with native speakers. By following these tips and strategies, learners can become fluent in Gujarati quickly and efficiently.
This blog provides a beginner's guide to learning Gujarati, an Indo-Aryan language spoken by millions of people around the world. It covers the history and origin of Gujarati, the alphabet and pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar, as well as some basic phrases. The article also lists various learning resources available for those interested in learning Gujarati, such as online courses, textbooks, and language exchange programs. Overall, the blog aims to encourage readers to explore the language and its rich cultural history.
This blog post provides basic Gujarati words and phrases that can be useful for anyone planning to travel to Gujarat or wanting to improve their Gujarati vocabulary. It covers greetings, basic phrases, family, food, numbers, and directions. The blog highlights the rich cultural history of the language and suggests that with the help of online courses, textbooks, and language exchange programs, anyone can learn Gujarati regardless of their proficiency level. Accurate pronunciation of each letter in the Gujarati alphabet is crucial to speaking the language correctly.
This blog discusses the customs, traditions, festivals, and arts that are an integral part of Gujarat's culture in Western India. Gujarati customs and traditions are deeply rooted in ancient Indian culture, and the state's long history of trade and commerce has influenced its customs and traditions over time. Hospitality, traditional attire, vegetarian cuisine, and festivals such as Navratri, Diwali, Holi, and Uttarayan are some of the key aspects of the culture. Gujarat's arts and crafts, such as embroidery, handicrafts, and folk music and dance, are also famous worldwide. The blog concludes by encouraging tourists and culture enthusiasts to explore the rich cultural heritage of Gujarat.
The blog post lists the top 10 must-know Gujarati phrases for travelers visiting Gujarat, a vibrant state in western India. The phrases include common greetings, introductions, asking for help, and basic needs like water and paying bills. Knowing these phrases can help travelers connect with locals and navigate the city, enhancing their travel experience.
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