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Books in this Bundle include:


1. TINY BOARD BOOK KA-KHA-G (Gujarati Kakko and Barakhadi)

2. TINY BOARD BOOK ANK (SANKHYA) (Gujarati Numbers)

3. TINY BOARD BOOK FAL (Gujarati Fruits)

4. TINY BOARD BOOK JANGLI PRANI (Gujarati Wild Animals)

5. TINY BOARD BOOK PALTU PASHU (Gujarati Farm Animals)

6. TINY BOARD BOOK SHAKBHAJI (Gujarati Vegetables)

7. TINY BOARD BOOK GUJ VAHAN (Gujarati Vehicles)

8.  TINY BOARD BK GUJ VIVIDH AAKAR (G) (Gujarati Shapes)


This Tiny Board Book is not only informative but is also handy. The books contains attractive and colourful images that catch a child’s attention. It can be wiped clean and is an ideal book for tiny tots.

Bundle of Gujarati Tiny Board Books - 7 Books

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