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Basic Gujarati Vocabulary for Everyday Life

Gujarati is a vibrant and expressive language that is spoken by millions of people around the world, particularly in the Indian state of Gujarat. If you're planning on traveling to Gujarat, or you simply want to improve your Gujarati vocabulary for everyday life, then this blog post is for you. Here are some basic Gujarati words and phrases that you can use in your everyday conversations.

Greetings and Basic Phrases

  • નમસ્તે (Namaste) - Hello

  • કેમ છો? (Kem cho?) - How are you?

  • શું તમારું નામ છે? (Shu tamaru naam chhe?) - What is your name?

  • હા (Ha) - Yes

  • નહિ (Nahi) - No

  • માફ કરશો (Maaf karsho) - Sorry

  • આભાર (Aabhaar) - Thank you

  • વિનંતી કરું છું (Vinanti karu chhu) - Please


  • પરિવાર (Parivaar) - Family

  • પિતા (Pita) - Father

  • માતા (Mata) - Mother

  • ભાઈ (Bhai) - Brother

  • બહેન (Bahen) - Sister

  • દાદા (Dada) - Grandfather

  • દાદી (Dadi) - Grandmother


  • ખાણું (Khaanu) - Food

  • રોટી (Roti) - Bread

  • દાળ (Daal) - Lentils

  • શાક (Shaak) - Vegetables

  • ભાત (Bhaat) - Rice

  • મિઠાઈ (Mithai) - Sweets


  • સંખ્યા (Sankhya) - Number

  • એક (Ek) - One

  • બે (Be) - Two

  • ત્રણ (Tran) - Three

  • ચાર (Char) - Four

  • પાંચ (Panch) - Five

  • છ (Chh) - Six

  • સાત (Sat) - Seven

  • આઠ (Aath) - Eight

  • નવ (Nav) - Nine

  • દસ (Das) - Ten


  • દિશા (Disha) - Direction

  • ઉત્તર (Uttar) - North

  • દક્ષિણ (Dakshin) - South

  • પશ્ચિમ (Pashchim)- West

  • પૂર્વ (Purva)- East

In conclusion, Gujarati is a language that has a rich cultural history and is spoken by millions of people around the world. It has evolved over the centuries and has a unique vocabulary and grammar that make it an interesting language to learn. With the help of online courses, textbooks, and language exchange programs, anyone can learn Gujarati regardless of their proficiency level. It is important to learn the correct pronunciation of each letter in the Gujarati alphabet to accurately speak the language. Some basic Gujarati phrases can help beginners to start practicing the language in everyday conversation.

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