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Children are often lost in the wonderful world of stories. The story-teller takes them on a delightful journey through the fascinating world of stories. He takes them to the beautiful gardens and across the jungles. Sometimes they go on a long voyage and at other times they make a trip to heaven. On this pleasure trip with the story-teller, the children experience a range of emotions. Sometimes they experience the passions of valour abd bravery and at other times they experience the emotions of love. A frightening feeling at one moment. Sometimes they experience a miracle and at other times they are simply astonished. When a child wanders into the world of fairies, he tends to forget the real world around him. To us, the world of fairies is a fantasy, but the child adores the fairy as his favourite character. The child enjoys himself in the company of the fairy. He roams with her, laughs with her, play with her anddances with her. Sometimes he also gets angry with her. Can the fairy leave the child displeased? Of course not. She will win him over. We wish to take children into the fascinating world of fairies. They will enjoy wandering and playing there. They will enjoy dining and dancing with the fairies. Let the children fly into world fantasy.

Fairy Tales - Classic Literature for Children Book 2

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