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Learn Hindi Online

Swadeshi Roots is a one-stop destination for learning the Hindi language and culture. We offer an array of resources including live online classes, books, free videos and blogs to get you started on your journey to learn Hindi. Whether you’re a parent wanting to teach your children, or an adult looking to learn the language, we have something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a group class or 1:1 private customized coaching! So pick what you prefer and begin your journey of learning with us today!

Live Hindi Online Classes with veteran native speaker teachers!

Come learn Hindi with us! We offer live online small group sessions or private 1:1 customized curriculums. Our goal is to partner with you and meet you where you are in your journey! Experience the richness of Hindi culture and language with our expert native Hindi speaker instructors with over 15 years of experience. Reach out to us to learn more or enroll now to start your Hindi learning journey!

We have created engaging and educational videos for kids with the aim of teaching them Hindi. These videos are designed to make learning Hindi language fun and accessible, helping kids to develop their language skills. Whether you're a native speaker or new to the language, our videos are the perfect resources to enhance your understanding and improve your communication skills. We offer videos with phonics for Hindi Alphabets, Hindi Consonants and Vowels, Hindi Numbers, Hindi Farm and Jungle animals and many more. We will continue to add more videos that explore different aspects of Hindi culture, stories and languages. You can also check out our youtube channel and subscribe to stay tuned!

Learn Hindi for free with our youtube videos

We also have Hindi books to help with self learning. You can checkout our meticulously curated collection of Hindi books that can help children and adults learn and build different levels of Hindi vocabulary. Our diverse selection encompasses everything from Alphabets, Numbers, Colors, Shapes, Vehicles, Animals, Fruits, Vegetables and basic Hindi words. We take pride in offering something for everyone, ensuring that all our customers can discover and enjoy the Hindi vocabulary building treasures that resonate with them.

Learn Hindi with our Hindi books

Our Blogs to help learn Hindi

Swadeshi Roots helps introduce Hindi Languages, Culture and heritage to kids through our online classes, books and free YouTube videos. Our blogs also provide content and resources to help learn Hindi language and culture. We have blogs on topics such as how to learn Hindi, Hindi phrases and words for everyday life, must know Hindi phrases for travelling to India, Beginner's guide to Hindi language and many more. We will continue to add blogs, articles and free learning tools to help kids and parents learn Hindi in easy and effective ways! 

This beginner's guide provides an introduction to the Hindi language, which is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world with over 500 million speakers. Hindi originated in the 7th century from Sanskrit and has evolved into the language spoken today. The Hindi alphabet consists of 52 letters and correct pronunciation is important. Hindi vocabulary has unique words and phrases not found in other languages, and grammar is similar to other Indo-Aryan languages. Basic phrases are provided for beginners. There are many resources available for learning Hindi, including online courses, textbooks, and language exchange programs. Learning Hindi can be a rewarding experience that opens up new opportunities for personal and professional growth.

The blog provides some effective ways to teach Hindi to kids. These methods include using songs and rhymes, flashcards and picture books, games and activities, Hindi language apps, and attending cultural events. By incorporating these tools, parents and teachers can make the learning process fun and engaging for kids while helping them learn Hindi vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation.
The blog provides a list of essential Hindi words and phrases for daily conversations, including greetings, numbers, family, food and drink, and directions. Learning these basic vocabulary words is an important aspect of mastering the Hindi language and can improve communication skills with Hindi speakers. The blog concludes by emphasizing the importance of regular practice to build vocabulary and confidence in speaking Hindi.
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